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Posted: 2013/12/09
Tickets are now available for SMPTE UK's "Open Mic Night" at The Slug & Lettuce, Lisle Street, London WC2, on Thursday 20th February 2014 (see posting below, 2013/11/07)

Posted: 2013/12/08
The 'leading learned society of the Film & TV technology industry in the UK', the BKSTS, held a meeting at the London Film Museum on the 4th November 2013, as part of its on-going "1st Monday" series. See some photos here

Posted: 2013/12/03
The minutes for the recent meeting of the EDCF Technical Support Group can now be viewed here (PDF file, 1,038 KB). The meeting was chaired by HDDC's Peter Wilson and was hosted by dcinex™ in Liege.

Posted: 2013/11/07
News In Brief... The EDCF UPDATE SESSION at this year's IBC in Amsterdam included a talk given by HDDC's Peter Wilson and Anne van Es of the EYE Institute Filmmuseum on the progress being made in adapting and converting archive film content to suit modern-day frame-rates...
(2013/11/04) Peter Wilson participated in this month's BKSTS "1st Monday" panel at the London Film Museum, County Hall. Entitled "The Merging of Film & TV", the discussion focused on how the emergence of Ultra High Definition TV formats will have an impact on the future development of cinema production...
(2013/11/13) The next meeting of the EDCF Technical Support Group will be at dcinex™ in Liege on Wednesday November 13th. The day will include a visit to the dcinex™ NOC (Network Operations Centre). For further details contact the TSG Chairman...
(2014/02/20) SMPTE will be holding an "Open Mic Evening" in the UK (details here) Quote: "Peter Wilson and John Emmett will start the evening by reflecting on things that take their fancy - UHD 1 versus 4K or Loudness R128 or object audio or LED lighting..."

Posted: 2013-10-10
HDDC's Peter Wilson and audio-visual guru John Watkinson are organising a new 2-day seminar, snappily entitled "High Performance Moving Image Portrayal: All you want to know about UHDTV (Parts 1 & 2)". This course will explain all aspects of the emerging Ultra High Definition TV technology and can be tailored to suit either management teams or operational staff who need to get to grips with this subject. See the 'flyer' here for details.

Posted: 2013-09-30
As you can see, we have been busy giving this website a whole new 'coat of paint'. I hope you like the new look! Please do let us know if you come across any technical glitches, eyesores, glaring omissions, or even spelling or grammatical errors, as you browse through these pages.

Posted: 2012-12-27
HDDC and Creative Skillset are to present a new seminar and workshop DIGITAL EXHIBITION FOR FESTIVALS. It will take place at the British Film Institute at London's Southbank on the 5th-6th February 2013. HDDC's Peter Wilson together with Deluxe Lab's Jim Whittlesey – responsible for writing parts of the DCI's specification for DCP creation - will lead the seminar and workshop, aimed at Film Festival management and technical staff. This two-part event will start with a half day Seminar for all comers, covering concepts, organisation, logistics, local business partnerships, key technical points and security. Technicians signed on for the complete workshop will then get detailed technical and operational training supported by equipment and operators from industry leaders, Qube, DVS, Fraunhofer iis and Doremi. The half-day Seminar costs £50 (+ VAT) and the full 2-day Workshop costs £175 (+ VAT). For further information see our Training pages or contact training@hddc.co.uk

Posted: 2012-10-11
The SMPTE 2012 ANNUAL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION will take place in Hollywood CA from 23rd to 25th October 2012. Preceding this will be a Pre-Conference Symposium on the 22nd, which this year will be on the subject of "High Frame Rates For Digital Cinema". Our own Peter Wilson will be participating in a discussion, "Mastering & Versioning For Various Distribution Channels", to be chaired by Jim Whittlesey of Deluxe Digital.

Posted: 2012-09-24
The EDFC TECHNICAL SUPPORT GROUP was hosted by Arri in Munich on the 3rd of July 2012. Arri kindly provided accommodation, refreshments and a tour, including the production line for the world leading Alexa Camera and their extensive Digital Cinema Distribution arm. A highly-animated meeting covered many current Digital Cinema topics and issues.

Posted: 2012-08-22
Taking place at RAI in Amsterdam between 6th and 11th September, IBC 2012 is the premier annual conference and exhibition for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment content worldwide. HDDC's Peter Wilson will be participating in an intensive three-hour session "EDCF D-Cinema Update" (Tuesday 11th, 1000-1300), which promises to "cram a huge amount of information into a comparatively short space of time, with twelve speakers allotted fifteen minutes each to cover all the main developments in the D-Cinema chain..."

Posted: 2012-08-21
The ninth edition of DGT's "DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies" will be held in Amsterdam from 29th August to 2nd September 2012. Peter Wilson will give a talk focusing on High Frame Rates for 3D Cinema, "Summing Up The Technology: What Are The Developments?"

Posted: 2011-10-25
The European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF)'s Technical Support Group will be holding its meeting at the headquarters of DOREMI TECHNOLOGIES in Sophia Antipolis, France on the 2nd November 2011. Click here to download the agenda (PDF file 71kb).

Posted: 2011-09-07
IBC is the leading global trade show for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment. IBC 2011 is taking place at the Amsterdam RAI from 8th-13th September. The European Digital Cinema Forum will be presenting a seminar, "Review of Progress in D-Cinema", which will examine the advances being made in conversion to Digital and the current interest amongst high-profile film makers for higher frame rates, with particular emphasis on the impact of 3D Stereography. EDCF panellists, including HDDC's Peter Wilson, will present their view of the next five years of Digital Cinema.

Posted: 2011-05-13
Furthering its reputation for producing high quality publications explaining the technology of Digital Cinema, the European Digital Cinema Forum has now published its long awaited "EDCF Guide to 3D Cinema". The basics of 3D are explained and the technologies are examined in detail. HDDC’s Peter Wilson has written the introduction, as well as an article "Brightness Issues & Conclusions". The publication is free to EDCF members. Further details here.

Posted: 2011-05-09
Dimension 3 is the International S3D & New Images Forum held at Plaine Saint-Denis in France. On Tuesday 24th May 2011, Peter Wilson will co-host the conference "Filming: S3D Image Processing In Real Time", which will focus on what can be achieved by using rigs with the latest 3D correction & assistance modules.

Posted: 2011-04-08

Peter Wilson will be presenting seminars on "The Principles, Technology, Art & Practice of 3D-Stereo (3DS) Movie Making" at the Internationale Film Fernseh & Musik Akademie (IFFMA) in Munich on the 6th/7th May 2011.

Posted: 2011-01-31
We are happy to announce that the third of our "Theory & Practice of Digital Cinema Mastering" workshops will again be held at the British Film Institute Southbank, London. It will take place over two days on Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th May 2011.

Posted: 2010-12-03
Jim Slater has published an excellent 4-page review of the first "Theory & Practice of Digital Cinema Mastering" workshop in "Cinema Technology" magazine. Read it here (645kB PDF file).

Posted: 2010-12-01
The second of our 2-day workshops "The Theory & Practice of Digital Cinema Mastering" will be held on Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th January 2011, again at the British Film Institute Southbank, London.

Posted: 2010-11-30
HDDC's Peter Wilson will be presenting training sessions at the 3D Stereo Media Summit (Palais des Congrès, Liège, Belgium - from 6th December 2010), along with leading stereographer Kommer Kleijn and digital audio/video guru John Watkinson.

Posted: 2010-10-27
HDDC Ltd, supported by the Skillset Film Skills Fund, is to present a series of 2-day workshops called "The Theory & Practice of Digital Cinema Mastering", aimed at post-production professionals. They will be held at various venues throughout the UK over the next twelve months, starting at the British Film Institute Southbank, London, on the 4th/5th November 2010. The course will cover the whole process from receiving the picture, sound and subtitle files through to final compression and secure packaging. Special thanks to Qube Cinema, Dolby, Doremi Labs and Fraunhofer IIS for pledging technical support for this venture. An revised version of the EDCF's "Guide To Digital Cinema Mastering", featuring content by HDDC's Peter Wilson, can now be downloaded here.

Posted: 2010-10-23
On Wednesday 27th October, Peter Wilson of HDDC will be giving a presentation "Digital Processing for Stereoscopic 3D Production" at the 2010 SMPTE Annual Conference & Expo, Hollywood CA.

Posted: 2010-09-03
HDDC's Peter Wilson, along with stereographer Kommer Kleijn, will be presenting hands-on training sessions entitled "Stereoscopic Capture for 2D Practitioners", on the 11th and 12th September at the IBC 2010 conference, RAI Amsterdam. Further details here. Peter talks about the sessions in this video clip and discusses how portable rigs will make it more practical to capture live sports events in 3D.

Posted: 2010-01-08
Happy New Year! We have been working hard to give this website a long overdue upgrade and a radical new look, with updated information and new features. There's still lots more to come (including on this very page!) - You might come across some 'under construction' flags as you navigate your way around the site! If you find anything that doesn't [yet] work as it is supposed to, do let us know. We thank you for your patience. "Watch this space!"

Posted: 2008-10-15
HDDC Ltd supported by Skillset are presenting two 2-day workshops at Pinewood Studios, "The Theory & Practice of Stereoscopic Production (3D Movies) and Complimentary Sound Techniques". The workshops start on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 and Thursday 4th December 2008. Special thanks to the UK Film Council, Arri Media, Codex Digital, P+S Technik and Quantel for supporting this project. Click here to see the poster (59kB PDF file)

Posted: 2006-02-13
This Spring, HDDC Ltd will be presenting a one-day course called "Exploding DCI Part 1" at The Digital Test Bed in the National Film Theatre on London's Southbank. This pragmatic course has been developed for Post Production and Distribution professionals facing the challenge of cinema migrating to Digital, and is designed to cover a broad spectrum of issues - Whether you are a Post House person or a Distributor, there will be something for you!